Sooooooo this is what Ive been workin on for the past month :3
I was able to get a trial for adobe after effects and premiere CS5.5 and used up all the time I had for this, I was gonna make this vid a lot longer, but after effects broke on me (kept closing every time I touch anything) so sadly, this was all I was able to do. I was also going to add a little vlog at the end, but that would have taken longer to edit and I didnt want to wait any longer to have a video out :3 Annyways for those who are still reading this, Id like to say thank you to those who have kept watching my vids for so long, I really didnt think Id get past 10 subscribers when I first started youtube. I know 100 is a big number on youtube, but for me its huge! So yeah thanks and ill most likely make a vlog tomorrow explaining a few things that have happened in the past month that I havent made vids :3 so yeahhhh byeeeeee :D

One Direction – Kiss You
Gym Class Heroes – Stereo Hearts
Family force 5 – Zombie
One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful
Bruno Mars – Grenade


Music > Me Singing


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