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King of the Skies

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In this spiritual successor to the very first GammaBay Production, Starscream is once again picking on the little guy! Now with Ramjet by his side, he's threatening to blast the Aerialbots to the The Realm of Allspark...

The Game Realm: Little Nemo

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Episode 1: Little Nemo: The Dream Master In the inaugural episode of The Game Realm, The Realm Master dives into the mind of Little Nemo, and might be shocked at what he finds. Created by ----- Christopher Malone S...

The Game Realm Teaser

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Coming Soon!

Ambush in the PlayPlace

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YouTube Air Date: November 21, 2012 Based on a true story. Had similar experiences? Comment below.

TeraBrite – In Honor of Her Heart (Official Music Video With Lyrics)

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The official music video for "In Honor of Her Heart" an original song by TeraBrite. iTunes: http://bit.ly/inhonorofherheart (Rate it 5 stars!) This Video on Reddit: http://bit.ly/ihohhreddit http://TeraBrite.tv