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Stay (Rihanna Cover) by Ryan Lim and Joy Bernal

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Joy and I have finally gotten together to do a cover! Today we bring to you Stay by Rihanna! It's a pretty amazing and powerful song and Joy just does an amazing job with it! For more of her music and vlogs, check ...

For This Rose (A Valentine’s Day Short Film)

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Valentine's Day is here again, but that isn't necessarily a good thing for Connor. While trying to figure out a way to impress the girl of his dreams, he finds out about her heartbreaking ways. Will he be able to ov...

Roommates and the Communication Conundrum

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Communication is important. It could potentially prevent fights! Unlike my roommates and I! But at least our fights are entertaining! Also, this is my Internet Icon submission, so wish me luck!

The Spanish Class Song (Original)

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SO, my Spanish teacher was asking about my ukulele and she mentioned playing in front of the class. That got my friend thinking that I should do it! I was supposed to today, but I forgot, so now it's on youtube! Ho...