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Hair Dye

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I wont be uploading any vids for a while, so I thought Id make this vid just because :3 My camera makes the dye less visible for some reason haha but it is red :3


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Sooooooo this is what Ive been workin on for the past month :3 I was able to get a trial for adobe after effects and premiere CS5.5 and used up all the time I had for this, I was gonna make this vid a lot longer, but ...


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Thanks to everyone who helped me film this video :) Not sure why it took me over a week to edit this, but its finally up! All this footage was from Day 1 1/18/13

Daily Routine

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This pretty much sums up most of my days in a minute :3 sup Took me a month and a half to make this vid! :3 just gonna put that there


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How to make a vlog

Flight of the Conchords – Thong Thong Thong

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This should be the new rick roll! hahahaha

Hair Dye!!

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Holly dyes her hair :O tell her what you think. Dont forget to leave a comment and subscribe to this channel if you have not already... am I forgetting any thing ... oh yah thumbs up this video too. If you do holly mi...

F**KING TENTACLE – Dead Space – Part 15

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Subscribe for more! Like and Favorite if you like it and it's your favorite! Follow me on Twitter! - https://twitter.com/TajTout Weekly gaming schedule: Mon/Wed/Fri - Dead Space Tue/Thur/Sat - Halo: CE Mon-Sat - DmC

Sonic Adventure

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Hope you enjoy! :D Don't forget to click Like and Subscribe!! Twitter: taylorshevy_ leabobeaaa

TeraBrite – In Honor Of Her Heart Guitar Cover

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a guitar cover of terabrite's original in honor of her heart that i did a while back. i saw it fitting to put this up as a thank you to terabrite for this lovely website haha