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Big Brother US Episode #4 Reaction Live Stream (Archive)

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Trying Out YouTube Live With My Big Brother US Episode #4 Live Stream. I am going on the record as stating I am Team #BBJocasta & #BBJoey

August 17: Out With Opa and Oma

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Join Lilly and Ivy as They Go Shopping With Opa and Oma and Get Some Special Treats Date Sound Bite Used Without Permission of Lifeburry YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/lifeburry YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/straw...

August 13-14: Adventures in Babysitting #7

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Join Me As I Play With Solomon and The Girls Ask to Go To The Park. Royalty Free Music Courtesy of http://live.freeplaymusic.com Song Used "Minister of Pain" Copyright Info: http://live.freeplaymusic.com/#licensing ...

August 10: We Are Field Agents

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Join Paul, Chantel and Myself as we become field agents and search for items around Walmart and then head on to Real Canadian Super Store to search out some coupons and do some shopping. The Mission Impossible Theme ...

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I am Here with Lilly and Ivy at The Park and Here I Tell You All About My Day and What Has Being Going On in My Little World

We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

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Cover by Halocene Original by Taylor Swift Please support indie music! Donate to our fund raising on Indiegogo! Get free music, and help our us on our tour this March! www.indiegogo.com/halocene Buy our original albu...

RagerGamers125 Episode 1: Mario Madness!

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Welcome to our new channel! Today we played New Super Mario Bros. Wii! But be warned that there are a lot of swears in the video XD but other than that we hope you enjoy it! :)

OMG Sperm on the Sidewalk!

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Another day in the life of shawn rainey