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Thank you for watching my video :) If you enjoyed it please give it a like and if you are new here make sure to subscribe to my channel and that way you'll be notified when I upload a new video to my channel. If you...

The Miracle Diet Pill “Slim Gym”

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A parody of all those infomercials you love This is an information video on the revolutionary weightloss company, Slim Gym's products that allow remarkable results in record breaking time. Slim Gym comes in the form o...

Leave Tulisa Alone (Leave Britney Alone Parody)

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This is a parody, I neither hate or love Tulisa but, like a gentleman respect her as a lady. if you have no idea who Tulisa is it a british singer, Tulisa Contostavalous(?). Am I going to hell for making this video?...

My Exam Results 2012 Reaction FAIL.

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So yeah, this is a reaction video to my 2012 exam results. I did horribly bad, lets face it. At least I passed one subject at a good level. I'm whispering because it was late at night and everyone in the house was as...

The Floor Is Lava

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Remember that game you used to play? Well it's real.