Holly dyes her hair :O tell her what you think. Dont forget to leave a comment and subscribe to this channel if you have not already… am I forgetting any thing … oh yah thumbs up this video too. If you do holly might grow a unicorn horn on the top of her head so lets try it.

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  • Avatar of Kayilee Anne

    What brand of red dye did you use?

  • Avatar of Kayilee Anne

    Okay well I’ve heard that special effects work really well but its pretty hard to get out so if you’re think of changing it soon then I’d try punky colors cause it comes out really nice but fades really easy :)

    • Avatar of Gerson Robinson

      really good to know… what color would you suggest she said she is open to try any color

      • Avatar of Kayilee Anne

        Okay well what color is you’re hair right now?

        • Avatar of Gerson Robinson

          My hair is brown but my sister is still red… I edit her videos for her… well some of them. I want her to try like a pinkish color but I don’t think she wants to dye the whole thing.

          • Avatar of Kayilee Anne

            Okay well you could do pink highlights or dye the under half pink. Don’t use special effect pink unless you want pink hair forever lol I’m having trouble getting it out but you could use L’Oreal Paris Colour Rays Highlights that’s a two in one so you don’t need to pre-bleach, I used that once and it lasted a long while without trying to but it will wash out after a couple months :)

        • Avatar of Gerson Robinson

          okay i will let he know and if she does it I well make sure she says who gave her the suggestion. or i will put an like to your channel or something.

          • Avatar of Kayilee Anne

            Okay :) I hope it works out well if you do it :) If you need anymore help or ideas let me know and I’ll do my best to help.