Machine Gun Kelly Full Set Live 15.9.2012 in Helsinki, Finland, Except “Her Song”. Part 1/2

Filmed With iPhone 4S

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  • Avatar of Simo Saarinen

    Oooookkkay? So this is not working at all ;D

    • Avatar of TeraBrite

      What’s not working? It looks like you submitted a link from a video while inside of a playlist so it plays at the beginning of the playlist instead of the video you wanted to submit. Does that seem right?

      • Avatar of Simo Saarinen

        Yeah, my bad. i noticed that too :D is it possible to delete my video?

        • Avatar of TeraBrite

          That’s a good question. Let me look into that!

        • Avatar of TeraBrite

          Looks like I can’t really give everyone the ability to delete their videos without giving them access to things that can compromise the security of this site. I think I fixed your video though, is that the one that was supposed to play?

          I guess I will just have to tell everyone that if they have an issue or a video they want deleted to contact me with the problem until I find an alternate solution. =(

        • Avatar of Simo Saarinen

          Haha no problem =D Hopefully you’ll get it!

        • Avatar of MMG

          LOL, funny how mistakes make things better