When video games meet real life you get 8 bit Pokemon battles of awesomeness!!! hope you enjoy comment like subscribe!!!! would you like to see another one? let us know and it will happen!!
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  • Avatar of Tiffer Berry

    Some nice compositing, turned out best with Scyther, especially the bit when it was fighting Rattata.
    Few tips, look up the 180 degree rule, you broke it a few times during the fight scene and it made it kinda hard to watch.
    Perhaps next time you could shoot it as one wide shot with a trainer on either side and the pokemon in the middle? Then you could cut in to close ups when you need to cut?
    Great work though!

    • Avatar of Darrin Peters

      Thanks! and yeah i think a nice wide master shot of the whole battles and then going to close up would be a great idea!

  • Avatar of Trenton Eliopoulos

    hahahaha 0:36 “hey” “OH MY GOD!!!”

  • Avatar of Csel

    lol classic Pokemon nostalgia, and random pokemon quirkiness. “I CANT USE THIS HM wat?!”

  • Avatar of Matosite

    hum… he had 3 pokemon that could learn cut :/